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Remy deTonnac: The ABC's of Mobile Security

NSIDE Secure (Euronext Paris FR0010291245 – INSD) provides comprehensive embedded security solutions. World-leading companies rely on INSIDE Secure’s mobile security and secure transaction offerings to protect critical assets including connected devices, content, services, identity and transactions. Unmatched security expertise combined with a comprehensive range of IP, semiconductors, software and associated services gives INSIDE Secure customers a single source for advanced solutions and superior investment protection. For more information, visit

Rake Narang: What is the future of payments in the US given all the security challenges?

Remy deTonnac: The future of payments in the USA largely depends upon two issues: resolving consumer concerns around security; and building payment into applications that consumers care about rather than generic wallets. In essence, the trick is to empower the consumer by the ease of use of an app that has strong, transparent security while retaining the consumers’ confidence. In reality, security of mobile payment can be engineered to be higher than that of credit cards, including EMV cards. INSIDE Secure is the only company to have a complete set of tools that can achieve this – from our proven, robust hardware Secure Elements embedded directly into a users phone through to our unique Software Secure Element we can provide the level of confidence the consumer needs and the transparency and platform the developer needs to make their app ubiquitous. For example, the traditional MagStripe & Signature we all know is relatively insecure, hence the move to EMV in the US, a move that INSIDE Secure is helping to facilitate. However the opportunity for innovative Issuers, Card Schemes and others (such as Retailers large and small) now exists to add value and convenience for their customers via Mobile Payments. From Loyalty Schemes to Couponing to links to Special Offers to Mass Transportation, the flexibility of such secure Software–based payments is limited only by the issuers’ imagination. Utilizing Software Secure Element technology from INSIDE Secure, existing (and future) providers are able to build payments directly into Banking or Store-Card or other apps, all the while retaining the known security already provided by back-end services proven in the hardware Secure Element market. The reality is that, this combination considerably exceeds the security seen on Credit Cards in the US today while delivering new consumer value and business opportunities for those prepared to seize them. 

About Remy deTonnac

Rake Narang: How can NFC play an important part enabling applications worldwide? What are the core challenges delaying wider NFC adoption?

Remy deTonnac: NFC is surely going to make life easy for the consumers, let's look at few of the examples : * Connecting devices becomes simple and fast. No networking glitches to set up a connection just hold the devices close to each other and the connection starts. * With NFC-enabled mobile phones,you can have an e-wallet on your phone, Contactless payment speeds up check outs at unattended tolls and exit points like parking slots. Payment can be made using as well e-money stored on the phone. you can buy tickets, receive them on your device, and go through turnstiles (at railway stations) while others wait. * You can quickly download information (such as a bus timetable) by bringing your NFC-enabled phone close to a sign with NFC-readable information. Let’s look at the overall new Mobile commerce experience that NFC does enable . As J Doe is buying a pair of jeans for 45$ ,he does wave his smartphone in front of a credit-card reader. The device beeps in response, and three things happen at once: -The phone submits a $5 store coupon, -John’s account at Bank XXX is charged $40 for the shorts, -his loyalty card with the retailer, also stored on the phone, is credited with the purchase. “And that’s how smart and simple it is,” What are the core challenges delaying wider NFC adoption? Permanent infighting in the eco system : Mobile Carriers, banks, large smartphone OEMs, and the big e- Guys like Google, Apple,…

Rake Narang: What are embedded security solutions and how can these change the security paradigm completely?

Remy deTonnac: At INSIDE Secure we start from the realization that over the last ten to twenty years “add-on” security has failed to secure the world of computing and networking devices. And that was a relative speaking simple world, a world with first hundreds of thousand and later on millions and hundreds of millions of devices. But with the emergence of mobile computing we are now talking about billions of devices, and with the Internet of Things just around the corner we will soon exceed one hundred billion of Internet connected devices. Continuing on the failed path of add-on security is just not an option for success. Security must be build in, must be designed in to devices … or it will not be! At INSIDE Secure we are fully convinced that embedded security solutions are the way of the future to secure the world of mobile and connected devices. Indeed embedded security means “security by design”, designing security in to products, devices and objects, from the start and not as a bolt-on, an add-on … an afterthought. Now, for many people embedded security will have a hardware connotation, but that is not necessarily the case. The security elements that are designed in to products and devices can consist of software, of hardware or even of IP … or any combination of the above. And this is exactly where we at INSIDE Secure excel … working in close cooperation with the platform providers to provide them with the right mix of software, hardware and IP to implement the required level of security. We bring to the table our expertise in embedded security, so they can focus on building solutions and winning in this fast moving marketplace.  

Rake Narang: What is INSIDE's strategy for the best overall security?

Remy deTonnac: The best overall security… now that’s in fact a very tricky question. The best, or the most appropriate security solution depends on the value of what is being protected and on the business implications for the platform vendors, whether media companies, mobile device manufacturers or operators, financial institutions, or providers of IoT solutions. Whether one is protecting content, transactions or identities, the range of possible security solutions is vast and can go from embedding a simple piece of software all the way to a combination of embedded hardware, IP and software. All depends on the value of the content, the transactions and identities. Our platform partners want to capitalize on new market opportunities and develop new revenue streams, all while protecting the reputation of their brand and still meet the demands for data security and privacy. As I mentioned earlier, this is where INSIDE Secure comes into the picture. We leverage our vast range of expertise across the world of embedded IP, embedded hardware and embedded software to put together the most appropriate security solution for the specific goal our platform partner has in mind. Take for example a provider of video surveillance solutions. A customer’s home was broken into after the video stream from his cameras was intercepted, resulting in a large lawsuit. Our field engineers worked with the vendor to design security into their overall solution, embedding key pieces of both hardware and software. Security has now become a key selling differentiator for the vendor. Or consider the world of mobile payments where HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology is rapidly changing the landscape of what is possible to do on smartphones. Here again INSIDE Secure is taking the lead in delivering workable embedded solutions to our partners in the financial industry.

Company: INSIDE Secure
Rue de la carrière de Bachasson, Lieu dit BACHASSON, 13590 MEYREUIL

Founded in: 2011
CEO: Remy deTonnac
Public or Private: Public
Head Office in Country: France
Products and Services: Embedded Secure Element Software Secure Element Mobile Payment Secure Microcontrollers Secure Microcontrollers Solutions Smart Card Readers DRM & Content Protection Security Solutions For Android Trustzone Tee Solutions Safezone Fips Semiconductor IP Protocol Security Toolkits Metaforic Core Metaforic Authenticator Metaforic Concealer Metaforic Obfuscator Metaforic WhiteBox

Company’s Goals: INSIDE Secure has the most comprehensive security offering, from secure software solutions to alternative hardware and IP, and is uniquely positioned to provide security solutions for the enterprise, digital entertainment and financial services markets, three key market drivers for mobile security.
Key Words: Embedded Security, Mobile Security, Internet of Things, DRM Solutions, Content Protection, Semiconductor, NFC
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