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How Eventful is changing the way people discover, share and promote local events and entertainment

Eventful, Inc. is the leading digital media company connecting consumers with live music, movies and local events. Over 21 million people rely on Eventful to find out what’s happening and decide what to do. Eventful provides the world’s most comprehensive selection of local event information with millions of events across 28 categories. Leading brands and entertainment properties rely on Eventful to reach consumers and drive commerce through a unique and targeted blend of digital, social media and direct marketing. Eventful’s unique social media service “Demand it!®” empowers consumers to influence the location and content of entertainment and live events.

Rake Narang: People discover local events in numerous ways, how is Eventful changing how people discover, share and promote local events and entertainment?

Jordan Glazier: Eventful is changing the way people discover, share and promote local entertainment by serving hyper-local event information across the globe. Via our proprietary technology, we send our community tailored alerts and recommendations when their favorite performers come to town so they never miss their favorite shows.

Our goal is to make people’s lives more fulfilling and help them decide what do. We offer millions of events that span 28 categories. Our weekly entertainment e-newsletters let readers know what’s happening this week, next weekend and next month.

Demand it!, is our proprietary social media service that gives passionate fans an opportunity to demand live events and entertainment comes to their town. For example, when fans demand favorite music artists, free advance movie screenings or one-of-a-kind experiences comes to their city; they are so passionate they further engage with the event by posting their demand, attendance plans, event reviews and event pictures on traditional social media channels that in turn, escalate the event’s exposure, increase ticket sales and put fans in seats.

About Jordan Glazier

Rake Narang: How does Eventful help its entertainment partners and the industry drive ticket sales and fill the house?

Jordan Glazier: Eventful drives nearly one million consumers each month to ticketing partners for movies, concerts, performing arts and sporting events. We attract a dedicated, entertainment-enthusiast audience and present them with personalized event recommendations that are tailored to each person’s interests.

Our community relies on this service to find out what’s happening and decide what to do. Adjacent to all ticketed events, we provide users with a user-friendly experience- making it easy for them to access tickets through a selection of ticketing providers.

The Entertainment industry leverages our proprietary Demand it! service to engage fans in grass-roots campaigns and bring events to life. In turn, this fanatical audience engages friends and family to join and demand the event. We found participants have an extremely high propensity to purchase tickets once events are planned in response to fan demand.

For example: In November 2012, Eventful partnered with music artist, Darius Rucker and his label to give one city a $10,000 holiday top drop and create buzz around his then, upcoming album. The partnership surrounded Rucker in a viral cause-marketing campaign that was picked up by broadcast and online outlets, social sites and non-profits. Rucker landed his sleigh in a Hurricane Sandy-ravaged town where he purchased $10,000 worth of toys for area children at a local “Toys R Us.” Rucker helped U.S. Marines load the Toys for Tots truck who distributed the gifts.

Rake Narang: How does Eventful's social media service, Demand it! differ from today's familiar social media channels and what benefits does Demand it! offer for the Entertainment industry?

Jordan Glazier: Demand it! differs from familiar social media sites because it empowers consumers to influence the content and location of events that take place in the real world. Other social media sites empower people to connect online, but Eventful is ground-breaking; we help people create events and connect with their favorite performers in the real world.

Demanders are also highly engaged in their campaigns to bring their favorite performers to town. We engage in a one-to-one dialogue with our demanders. We alert our audience when the demanded event is scheduled, and the demanders take subsequent actions: posting they’re attending or buying ticket on Facebook or Twitter, thus creating buzz, driving ticket sales and commanding more tune-in. After the event occurs, fans post their reviews or pictures stimulating more digitized word-of-mouth advertising. Also, the Entertainment industry uses Demand it! to make pragmatic scheduling decisions. For example, our partnership with movie studios, from the most well-known to small indie startups, and broadcasters continues to flourish. We design and execute Demand it! competitions that entice our movie-going fans to demand a free, advance screening comes to their city or college campus. In turn, the studios know their fans’ location and where their film is in demand. This helps ensure distribution strategy, the ability to sell more tickets and drive awareness about the film. When demanders share they’ve demanded an advance movie screening or a chance to meet the actors, the film gains more exposure.
Rake Narang: What problem(s) does Eventful's technology solve?

Jordan Glazier: The problems Eventful’s technology solves are:
  1. We help people discover what’s happening so they don’t miss events in their town that come and go without their knowledge. We accomplish this using our proprietary technology that aggregates data and presents our subscribers with a comprehensive selection of events happening in their city.
  2. Our proprietary technologies provide individually tailored, personalized event recommendations that map to each one of our 21 million member’s interests, thus helping them cut through the clutter and find the events they care about.
  3. No matter where our subscribers are- even when traveling- they’re informed about local events they are interested. We offer our event listings across multiple platforms, online, mobile and email so people can rely on Eventful to help them decide what they want to do.
  4. Musicians, film-makers, etc. rely on Eventful’s Demand it! technology to make pragmatic scheduling decisions. Entertainment marketers rely on Eventful’s multi-channel access to entertainment consumers to drive attendance, ticket sales and tune-in. Film studios, broadcasters, record labels and musicians route concert tours and distribution strategies to drive sales.
  5. Digital publishers and mobile app developers rely on Eventful’s technology to cost-effectively power their local event and entertainment guides across 12,000 implementations. Over 7,000 licensees rely on Eventful’s API platform and hosted technology offerings
Company: Eventful
12626 High Bluff Drive San Diego, CA 92130 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2004
CEO: Jordan Glazier
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: San Diego, California - United States
Number of Employees: 12 + the company has ongoing, specialized contract talent of 30 strong strategic partners worldwide.
Products and Services: Digital Media and Publishing- Hyperlocal Event Discovery, Demand it! and Eventful Hosted Platform - API Data

Company’s Goals: As the leading technology leader in its space, Eventful continues to drive continuous product innovations and delight its users by creating the best user experience and delivering highly personalized content across its multiple platforms.
Key Words: Demand it!, Hyperlocal Event Discovery, Eventful Hosted Platform
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